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How to detox after a reaction to Stevia
Many people have posted in the forum here about adverse reactions to Sweetleaf/Stevia. If you are one of the many people who have had a reaction to Stevia, you probably want to know how to get ...
by Estie
Go Sugar-Free!
Sugar Free! The aim: To begin the journey. What are we doing? We are walking away from sugar - as an addiction, a craving, a part of our life we'd like to shrink or re-proportion or reassess BY ...
by Estie
HCG drops require a special diet
Do I have to follow a special diet while I take the HCG drops? Yes. You must follow the entire HCG Diet Protocol as described in Dr. Simeons' manuscript, "Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to ...
by sugarbear
Do you want to lose 20kg? (Part 1 and 2)
PART 1: 20 kgs is a lot .... let's aim for 5 kg to start with, OK? First, look at what got you to that weight and see what weight you could/should/would like to be (sometimes these are very ...
by Estie
Protein alternatives on the VLCD phase of the HCG diet
Credit for this post goes to MuddyGurl. This was written in response to the following question: I just started the HCG Diet with sublingual HCG Plus Homeopathic Drops, in 2 days the weight ...
by Vale
The chemical breakdown of Aspartame
The compounds Aspartame breaks down into three components: A methyl ester and two amino acids: phenylalanine and aspartic acid, according to Roger Williams during the parliamentary debate. ...
by sugarbear
Are protein powders beneficial to weight loss?
First, are you a man or woman? Men seem to love protein shakes to build muscle as multiple guys have so nicely pointed out. At the risk of being sexist, most women don't want to bulk up. Women also ...
by Estie
How to fight binge eating
What you think of, comes to you in a way, and what you try really hard NOT to think of, also comes to you the same, as your subconscious can not NOT do something. So, try to go the way of others ...
by Estie
Is Cheating the way to go???
Okay i must admit, got alittle bored last night and the all knowing internet got the better of me. Started looking into diet pills, so many are available that i started to look into the ingredients, ...
by jnb87
How to prevent winter weight gain
The problem for many people is they don't watch out for this one and, before they know it, they are wearing endless tracky-dacks and big baggy, then bigger, baggier shirts! It's always a good ...
by Estie
Is it possible to lose 10kg in one month if at high risk for diabetes?
Is it possible to lose 10kg in one month if a person is at high risk for diabetes? A quick answer to the question is YES. It IS possible but not recommended without the proper medical supervision ...
by CoachScott
Could you handle a 500 calorie diet?
Credit for this post goes to Estie. NO 500 calorie diet is sustainable on its own. If you are considering going on the HcG Protocol, I'd like to direct you to that specific category of Diet Board. ...
by Estie
Protein sources for vegetarians
Protein Sources and How Much You Are Actually Getting By the Numbers Beans, Nuts, Seeds 1 cup garbanzo beans 14.5 grams 1 cup pinto beans 12 grams 1 cup refried beans 15.5 grams 1 cup ...
by sugarbear
by Yas92
Are people trying to sabotage your diet plan?
What can you say to them? How about you tell them sweetly "Ahhh, but this is what I have decided to do, and I would love for you to help me". And then say "I promised myself", if they keep trying ...
by Estie
The Mediterranean Diet Without Meat?
The Mediterranean diet is based on a balance of: Good oils (olive) Oily fish (fresh caught in the Mediterranean including sardines/mackerel) Feta, or goat's cheese, which is high in protein ...
by Estie
Women, are you working out TOO much?
Are you doing long, hard workouts on a daily basis? If so, please stop! You WON'T win your body-diet war like this. Prolonged workouts, especially long, slow cardio workouts (e.g. aerobics classes, ...
by Estie
Is diet soda bad for your diet?
Diet soda with Aspartame is bad news. See the excellent Blog by Sugarbear posted on this site. Aspartame and artificial sugars have been linked with Alzheimer's and Dementia. The artificial ...
by Estie
Can you add veggies to a specific diet plan?
On the HcG diet, you can't add vegetables. You have to choose just ONE, per meal (x2 per day), from the protocol list, sorry. It's good to choose a different vegetable from the list and not have ...
by Estie
Day 9 and 10
So, I have decided I will not be eating anymore lean ground beef. I think it has messed up my release. On day 9 I had a lean ground beef patty on the grill for dinner and only had 0.4 lb release. ...
by pastrychef
The hCG diet; does it really work?
It seems like we are constantly bombarded with new ways to lose weight only to be told months, or even years later that the "diet" was a fraud and doesn't really work. So, what about the hCG ...
by Vale
Low Carb diets
Credit for this post goes to MuddyGurl. The USDA is still promoting a high carb diet after 40 years- but recently CHANGED to allow no limits on healthy fats. Back in the 70s, no research study ...
by Vale
Can reducing calories to 500 per day lower metabolism and end up being counter-productive ?
Absolutely it can! 500 cals can ONLY be done with HcG, so that's a big decision and commitment to make. Read all the posts here about the HcG diet, they are soooo useful. But DO NOT try to go it ...
by Estie
Argh - Feck!
I was doing really well! Fantabulous actually! My period has hit and I craved everything in sight! Nothing, NOTHING was going to stop me from getting my hands on every bit of food in this house! I ...
by cazj
Don't Give Up!
We've all heard the saying that Rome wasn't built in a day. Well, neither were you. While no one wants their bodies to be compared to the size of a small country, it's true. We allow ourselves to get ...
by CoachScott
What 100 Cals Looks Like
One of the problems about being "on a diet" is the obsession it can entail, and the constant need to check your calorie count every time you eat. Personally I can't stand calorie counting and ...
by Vanessa
My HCG Diet tips..Newbies!
I started my HCG diet 18 days ago.So far super good, I started at 71,5 KG I think it is something like 143 lbs., today my weight is 66 kg (about 132lbs) 3 days ago I reached a plateu, my weight was ...
by MoniHCG
Day 3
Today I am on day three of the HCG diet. The first two days were the load up days so today starts the 500 calorie diet. So far today I am feeling great, I had some green tea and an apple for ...
by MommysAngels2
by CoachScott
Stevia-free sugar substitutes
Credit for this post goes to YellowBird. There are a lot of really great tips in these posts from Estie… How to Wean Yourself Off of Stevia How to Detox after a Reaction from Stevia I ...
by Vale
Day two of Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)
Surprise! In spite of missing the morning dose of the HCG yesterday, I still weighed 146.0 this morning. A release of 3.2 lbs. last night. HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone ...
by Jeannie
How to wean yourself off of Stevia
Credit for this post goes to Estie. Are you diabetic and leaning to Stevia instead of sugar? Did you know that Stevia can trick your body into expecting or wanting sugar or an insulin rise? If ...
by Estie
Adverse reaction stevia
I had a really strong reaction to stevia. there were no additives. i was consuming it in a meal replacement vegetarian grain free protein shake. i used unsweetened almond milk. i now use the ...
by Tracy
New to HCG and NEED HELP!!
Hello, I am new to Hcg and to this forum and have a few questions about food items. I am very nervous to start because I dont like alot of the foods on the food list. I need to know if I can have any ...
by sexybysummer
Tinsley Ducote
I',m a 51 my weight is 185 and I'm 5 feet tall and want to get on the hcg diet. I want to do the drops. There are so many I dont know where to begin..
by Tinsley51
by dllewis1958
My HCG Journey thus far...
I must admit that when I heard about a friend doing the HCG Diet, I was very skeptical. I didn't see how eating 500 calories was in any way healthy or good for you! Plus no make up... forget it! But ...
by ashleymaloy
This is my before and after losing 32 pounds in 25 days. I went on to lose a few more.
by jhawk
My HCG Success
I began my HCG journey in April 2009. This was my starting point. 245lbs on home scale but Dr says it was 257lbs. This is July 2009...214lbs one round done
by CyndyOK
Casey Cotton photo
by casey.cotton

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