Protein Alternatives On The VLCD Phase Of The HCG Diet


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I just started the HCG Diet with sublingual HCG Plus Homeopathic Drops, in 2 days the weight loss has been wonderful. I’m aware that being a vegetarian (lacto) slows the amount of weight loss, since you can substitute 1 whole egg plus 3 egg whites, half a cup of cottage cheese made from skim milk or 500 cc of skim milk. I am following this substitutions to the letter, but I absolutely despise the egg alternative. Is ther any other food choice?

I use hulled Hemp Seed...”Just Hemp” brand is sold on Amazon, I got it at our HFS locally.. There are many brands available, some have hulls. These are organic, non GMO, grown in Canada. They offer a good level of protein. The BEST part is they have the SAME 9 essential amino acids as meat. In just 3 tablespoons you get: 10 grams Protein, 1 carbohydrate, but they are high in fat (140 calories of the 180 serving is fat). They also contain 1/2 of the daily RDA potassium and phosphorous (the only downside for kidney patients, like me, who need a lower amount.)

The taste is like little walnut bits, they can be eaten raw as a snack, mixed with other seeds/nuts, toasted to top other foods, ground up fine and added to sugar free Almond milk , spinach/kale, berries, for a great shake! They can also be added to soups and other foods (I use them in low carb (LC) bread recipes), stir fried with garlic, onions, and other veggies. I even add them to cream cheese with flavoring and blueberries for a dessert on my LC diet.

Hulled hemp seeds have a ton of health benefits, don’t need refrigeration, are CHEAPER than organic meat with ALL the needed nutrients; I really love them.

A more recently imported product, NO THC in it, the FDA has little info, but the web offers many good sites with facts and recipes. There is a recipe for Swedish rolls using almond flour, plus added sunflower and flax seeds, you can add hemp seeds too, or grind up as partial flour replacement in similar recipes. In another recipe, hemp seed is added to cauliflower pizza crust base.

Remember, ALL seeds are very high in protein and fat, so can be used in a VLC diet.

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  • Vale: Does anyone have any other suggestions for protein alternatives or has anyone tried hemp seeds?

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