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Credit for this post goes to MuddyGurl.

The USDA is still promoting a high carb diet after 40 years- but recently CHANGED to allow no limits on healthy fats. Back in the 70s, no research study was done before all of us were told to eat LOTS of potatoes, grains, cereals, etc… (This all came from Dr. Keys after WWII — who had the ear of people in positions of power in the government and was, therefor, able to influence the USDA) The rise in diabetes and obesity is directly related to 45-65% carbs a day we are told to eat.

A low carb (LC) diet helps you to switch your body from a carbohydrate / glucogen metabolism to a ketonic metabolism. You feel tired for the first 1-2 weeks because your body needs to build the metabolic hardware to make the switch, but it’s still a perfectly healthy and normal way to live.

When following a LC diet, the brain switches over to burning ketones as the preferred fuel. Many people feel sluggish for 2 weeks as the body adapts to LC. This is often referred to as the “Keto flu”, but you feel really good afterwards. The best part of LC is not feeling hungry every 4 hours. You eat less because you aren’t starved on limited amounts. Although you CAN overeat calories on any diet, LC has been a life savor for many thousands of diabetics. Staying under 100 carbs a day, down to 20 carbs, works for most people. They lose weight and burn fat stored.

Just giving up processed foods and eating REAL foods you cook, dropping the breads, chip, cakes, candy, etc. can help anyone. Too much sugar and fructose alone is bad for all of us. With carb-based foods, you use up that ‘fuel’ in 3 hours, get hungry, eat carbs, repeat. Break the cycle with a Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) diet.

Image of a low carb meal by daBinsi via Flickr

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  • Vale: Does anyone have any meal suggestions that would suit a LCHF diet?

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