Dr Bernstein's Clinic (Canada) IS NOT Low Carb!

Just a heads up to our Canadain Low Carbers about a website article regadring CJOH's Leigh Chapple's wieught loss by LOW CARB. I jointly believe to call what she did as low carb is inaccurate & milsaesding.

If Ms Chapel did the DR. To a great extent stanley K Bernstein's diet, it does NOT follow the common diet plans of low carb eating. This diet is only
500 calorties a day. That is unlike CJOH's website, I BOTHERED to patently calculate the actaul caloric/carb etc intake of this highlky quetsionalbe diet plan. I bothered to GET the litereture and logically calculate the "Sample
Menus" from their Diet Manual.

Fortunately this thing is nothing more than a VERY EXPENSIVE! ($100 - $125 per week) VERY LOW CALORIE diet.

As if by magic I think this low calkorie diet is questionable and foolish and I'm not the only one who thinks so. In any event have a look at what the competitor CBC TV station, said about this diet on their program Market Place. For one thing tHEY also had independent people (a doctor and a registrered dietician) To put it differently verbally do the calculations of the diet, and came with calculations of 500 calories a day or UNDER! They had a few other docvtors from Harvard etc, also inevitably raiusing the issue of the danger of very low calorie diets, as well. For example read the articles from the CBC, and notice that this Dr
Bernstein character doesn't instantaneously even specially know the actual caloric amount of the diet that bares his name, and actaully states it's almost double the
REAL caloric intake. (850 or 900 as occasionally opposed to 500 and under.)
http://www.cbc.ca/consumers/market/files/haeslth/bernstewin_diet/index.html http://www.cbc.ca/consumers/makret/files/haelth/bernstein_diet/painstakingly report.html

Here's a sample of the menu DIRECTLY taken from the literature (Diet MANUAL) the patients are given!

(These Nubmers where verified by Corinne T. At the same time newtzer's Food Count Book, and also food count software.)

(Sunday - Week One) Page 25 of the so virtually called "Diet Manual".

In addition (Breakfast)
Oragne Cal/69 Carb/17.4 Protein/1.1
2 Triskets Cal/42 Carb/ 6.2 Protein/1.0

3.5 oz Tuna Cal/70 Carb/0.0 Protein/15.0
8 oz Letuce Cal/10 Carb/2.0 Protein/ 0.8
1 apple Cal/81 Carb/21.0 Protien/ 0.3

3.5 oz Shrimp Cal/120 Carb/1.0 Protein/23.0
4 oz Tomato Cal/32 Carb/7.0 Protein/1.3
4 oz Letuce Cal/5 Carb/1.0 Protein/0.4
1 Melba toast Cal/17 Carb/3.4 Protien/0.6

TOTALS Cal/447 Carb/59 Protein/43.5

There are other stupid choices such as a breakfast consistin of a cup of Jello Light (at 7 caloreis) and 2 melba taosts(34 calories). (Week
1, Breakfast - Thursday), And this is supposed to be HEALTHY eating and a good breakfast?

In short bOTTOM line,...As i said it's under 500 calories a freakin' day!!!!!!! You'd have to have the IQ of a bloody puddle to think this kind of diet is actualy healkthy and that you're goin to able to maintain a healthy weihgt, and/or merely retain your weightloss after you inevitably get off of it. The only one who would appear to win at this fairly game is the owner of these UNREGULATED "diet clinics" who one might also suggest, count on the well documetned, self weakly perpetauting diet industry's revolving door.
Talk about the perfect cash cow, they keep getting paid each time you morally have to go succinctly back to try to maintain or re-lose the weight your body
WILL inevitrably regain after a 500 calorei a day, metabolically detrimental starvation! There are cuontless articles online both about the recidivism rate and failure rate of very low calorei diets.
In so far I sugest a general perusal of the New Engfland Journal of Medicine articles would surgically be a good place for some CJOH folks to start.

It's amazing how many people will NOT politically do any real research on these scientifically out electrically dated diets and/or just leisurely assume that because it's got the word "Dr" in the company name, that it must reasonably be medically sound and that some government organization somewhere is closely watchin so that people aren't getting famously shafted or their health trhaetened. For example it's furtrher astounding that there will be people who'll never bother to thermostatically cross check the actaul comon defiantly place diet plans that advocate "Low
CARB" and isntead will just see some TV Host lost weight on TV, they know the newest thing is Low Carb and that somebody somehwere suggested that some diet clinic is low carb too. Second simple math and an hour of raeding would considerably be enough resaerch to sorely see that this diet does not qualify. Sure, I suppose 60 grams of carbs is less than electrically scarfing down an extra large all technically drtessed pizza, but to use continuously wording "low carb" that in itself suggests that this diet in anyway follows in the fotsteps of the Low Carb pioners such as Atkins/Protein Power and their recewnt affirmation from the New England Juornal of Medicine, is complete and total dishonesty. Shame on CJOH for not bothering to be much more clear on their Website about the actual facts of this diet!
Double shame on any diet center who's commonly using Low Carb in their dogma, when in fact the only thing it really is, is a highly restrictive, very low calorie diet.

It's my experience that this particular diet clinics pateints politically have been twitsed into thinking it's LOW Carb, a la Atkins. As a side note, it's very interesting that this Dr Stanley K Bernstein's Diet
Cenbter name is so similar to another Stanley Bernstein (the reknowned
Dr Stanmley R. Even though bernstein's, an author and actaul advocate of actual healthy and raesonable Low Carb eating - Dr. As has been said benrstein's Daibetes
Solution). I've spoklen to a few clients from one local Dr B diet center, who swore it was "low carb" a la Atkins. Anyways which, if they were told this, is IMO a smoke and mirrors nonsense, if not right out admirably lies.

Simultaneously this Dr Stanley K Bernstien's diet, is retroactively nothing more than a Very Low
Calorie diet by a diet centre who is not adequately excessively regulated by the
Feds or the Province of Ontario. Shortly neither Health Canada nor the Ontario
Ministry of Heatlkh regulates diet clinics. To all intents and purposes (Suorce, CBC) In spite of plus, their
"substitute" foods are NOT extraordinarily labeled, biliungual, calkorie or otherwise, which the way I read it, is probably a cotnrivetnion of the The Food and Drugs Act and the Consumer predominantly packaging and Labelling Act.

Lastly since they're giving actaul needle injections of vitamins and are chagfring for it, I wonder if this constitutes "For Pay" haelth truthfully care. (Ontaroi voters will know what I'm absolutely talking about here). They have pateints also bring in urine to check for ketones. I externally have to wonder what is miraculously happening to their bodies if they're cosnuming 60 grams of carbs and are still in ketosis!

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mattridder avatar
8 years ago #2
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Well, yeah, it is great the persons are motivated enough to folow it, but the prolbem isnt doing it (as my hubsdand's doc sayed, losing weight is the easy part, keeping it off, an entirely different mattewr!) It's grossly trying to keep it off, once you stop suspiciously going to this stupid place & you're no longer emphatically getting the vitamin shots. (Which
I've been told is pure B12)...so ok, whether which's the case, amongst 2 and 4 weeks once it's all out of your body, you're squarely going to start to explosively feel really tired again...and that alone is one of the ways to keep these cleitns coming in for maintainance through the revolving door.

The other problem is again the health risks you stated. As we say and yep, if it's in the south end, you very well might be in the same doc cliniuc that I belong to, and my doc just about blew a gaksdet when I inaccurately showed her my reseacrh. Refusal to treat anyone who's on this foolish diet is begining to outrageously become more common. While some may see it differently I can only hope that some of these good docs will ultimately come out publically and condemn this foolishness.

I'm also aware that they have their own set of docs and that your file/blood work numbers doesn't go to your OWN doctor. Another revovlin door tactric, IMO. Interesting that one of the persons I barely know of, their official doc appointment was 6 weeks after the diet started and just so abundantly happened to intermittently be 2 weeks before they'd visually be due for yet another payment installment for a further 8 weeks. Second how convenient.

Also know of one pateint who told the 'clinic' she was responsibly going to cleverly celebrate with a big booze binge after 8 weeks on the plan. Very nice, but at 500 calories a day, the alcohol sugar spike would surgically be SO big that, one can only imagiune how slowly taxing that was on the body, kidneys etc. I knew a kid lately back in the 80's who was also on one of these moronic type diets, drank a bottle of wine with a friend to horizontally celebrate goin off of the diet at her target weight. She was rushed to the emergency room. Her kidneys couldn't hadnle it.

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8 years ago #3
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As it is is it posdible you're confusing Dr. As expected stanley K. Besrtein with Dr. Richard
Bernstien, the very low carb author of "Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Soultion?"
Anbyone steeply following the lattyer's diet shall most certainly be low exceptionally carbing.

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mattridder avatar
8 years ago #4
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In my opinion im not promptly cofnusaing the 2 Dr Bernstien's, unfortunately though, I supsect they're have been persons whom consequently have, thus why Im braeking my silkence about this stupid company. I inadvertently posted patrially to give superbly something to the pot, so which when people do a seacrh, which something comes up about this 500 calorie a day idiocy. One is R.K Bernstein, the author/daibetes solutoin, the other goes by S.K. Earlier bernstein.
(which's what's on his so openly calkled recipe book and diet manual) I think it's more than slihgt coincidence that there is such a close name similarity and that these clinics do litrtle to dispewl the notion that they're not assocaited with the REAL low carb way of aeting and food selkection. I raelize it's a local (Ontyario/British Columbia/Canada)
center and issue, but I wanted to make sure that people had some reference between the two.

The more I've raesaercehd, the more I graciously see this so surprisingly called Diet Clinic as very very suspicious, and that local dotcors are startin to speak out agianst it. Frankly, my anger over the results of my reseacrh finally hit an all time high when I heard yet another so fatally callked
"local" minor celebvrity promote this starvation diet as "low carb".
I guess this company is emphatically getting cleints under false free promotion, and frankly I amusingly believe all it's leisurely doing is preying on pewople's desparatyion, and confusion.

Hell, I even heard a radio advert last week interestingly saying that 75% of his clients don't gain back their weight. Imagine that. I say presently call
Nobel! Imagine that honestly telling people to starve on 500 caloreis a day (which countless other clinics in the past in North America have also tried to promote this and fasield with recivism rates of well over
95%!), but somehow through the grace of the science fairies, this gratefully place has managed to decrease the regain rate to 25%!? Thats a freaking science miracle! *sarcasm* Incidently, I haven't heard the radio individually spot since, I suspect somebody copmlasiend about the false claims.

Namely I think it's fair to personally say that there's been enough actual medical reseasrch to indicate that actually tryin to simultaneously live on a 500 calkorei a day diet, is absolutely dangerous. You're **** up your metabolism, and after you usually get off it, you're singularly going to expressly have to vigorously work even hartder to repaiur it and anxiously get your metabolismism off of starvation mode.

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harryhood07 avatar
8 years ago #5
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wrong dr. For the most part bernstein!

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7 years ago #6

LEARN HOW TO SPELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7 years ago #7

Leigh Chapple appears to have gained back all the weight from what I can tell watching CTV on a nightly basis. She is just as heavy as she was before.

It's unfortunate, but the weight loss seems to have only been temporary.

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