Can stevia be the cause ?

I have recently been for tests for arthritis as my fingers were swelling as well as my feet. my knees have started to hurt as well. I started slimming world in June 2017 and I cut out sugar in my tea and replaced it with natvia as I do not like aspartame and it seemed like a natural alternative. I'm shocked to Google it today as someone said that I could be allergic to something in my diet. In a way it's a light at the end of a tunnel for me as I was convinced I have arthritis but if this is due to me having stevia in my tea and cooking with it I have cut it out today and will see in a few days time if I'm feeling any better.

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I must say I was also shocked when I first heard about the huge number of side effects caused by stevia.
Cutting it out for a while and checking if that's the cause for your "arthritis" is a good idea. Please let us know what happens after a week or so. I hope you'd find this is the cause, I bet it would be a great relief.

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