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The hCG diet; does it really work? by Vale
It seems like we are constantly bombarded with new ways to lose weight only to be told months, or even years later that the "diet" was a fraud and doesn't really work. So, what about the hCG diet? Does it really work, or is it just another fad ...
Low Carb diets by Vale
Credit for this post goes to MuddyGurl. The USDA is still promoting a high carb diet after 40 years- but recently CHANGED to allow no limits on healthy fats. Back in the 70s, no research study was done before all of us were told to eat LOTS of ...

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Misty's advice might help you: https://www.dietboard.net/i-am-on-day-17.-i-cheated-on-day-11.-i-had-a-piece-of-pizza-...-3828922.html
by jade - 1 day ago
I'm on day 5 of phase 2 with sublingual drops. I'm already down 6 pounds and one inch on my stomach. It works. BUT DO NOT CHEAT! It can cause a stall or weight gain. Tough it out for your ...
by Alysia - 1 week ago
I started using stevia daily about a month ago. After the first week, I had intense itching and I was chilling. I realized about a week ago that this was new to my diet but it was scary. ...
by Guest - 1 week ago
I started using Stevia in the Raw two weeks ago. For the past two days I’ve been having body aches and chills, stomach cramping and headache. No fever, no rashes (yet). I thought maybe it ...
by Rs2416 - 2 weeks ago
Can I take a protein powder instead of a meal while doing the SL HCG diet?
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
I am a seasoned woman and feel 18 with eliminating grain for no pain and for me no meat or dairy. I eat a lot of the colors of the rainbow in fruits and veggies.
by diana - 3 weeks ago
I am thankful to have found this thread. I have been doing the Trim Healthy Mama diet which advocates using stevia.Every time I am on it, I get really on edge. I thought it was the lack of ...
by Kathy - 1 month ago

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