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n gayathri

how to reduce 20 kg in 2 months

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How? (And not jeopardize your health?)

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plz tell me in losing weight , i am in depression now

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abiyah Gina Enanga

hi.my names are Abiyah Gina and i'm 26 and weights 81 and think its too much for me.i was operated and finds it difficult to ran around and suffer with big stomach.really need your help cause i need a guider to guide me in this 2 months and i have a wedding next month and want to be sexy that day.please .thanks

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There is no way you are going to be able to loose that much weight in that short a time without doing some serious medical damage to yourself.

It's better to set yourself a reasonable goal. Make a very stern change in your eating habits. Don't fast, just change it into a pattern that you think you can hold on to for some time. When you have reached your desired weight, you can add a little extra's here and there, but don't throw out the program you set for yourself. Don't think Ok I've lost all the weight, now I can eat normally again. Eating normally is what made you gain all this weight in the first place, so don't go back to this eating habit!
Secondly, start taking some exercise.

So, now you wanna know how much weight you are gonna loose with that huh? Well, it comes down to this: it doesn't really matter. Because your eating habits are improved, you're taking exercise, both things that are healthy things to keep on doing. Stop feeling bad about your weight at the moment you decide to tackle it, the moment you change your eating habits, the moment you start exercising. Because you really want to feel bad till you got the right weight? Or do you want to feel good about yourself NOW? You CAN feel good about yourself nów, because you are acknowledging the problem, thought about it, asked for help, and decided to do something about it. It's not your fault that it can't be taken away this second. No reason why you shouldn't feel better about yourself nów.

Apart from this, you are no doubt a wonderful person, no matter how much you weigh. Start caring more about thát fact, and you won't feel so bad in comparison with your friends!

You're going to have to make a choice and sacrifice. "Reasonable and effective" is not fast or easy. Period. It's a lifestyle change, and unless you're will to make that choice, you can lose all the weight you want right now, but expect it to come roaring back if you don't know how to deal with food and exercise on a regular basis for your specific situation.

44 lbs. in two months is not reasonable or realistic for the average person. 4-6 months is closer to reality because even if a person drops 10-15 lbs. right away, that rate of loss DOES slow down as the body gets accustomed to the particular regimen of diet & exercise, which then becomes your responsibility to adjust and alter the routine and diet so that the body has to continue to work hard in burning off the accumulated fat.

Weight loss isn't about your social life. It's about teaching you to adopt the correct mindset for health and fitness FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. It's about recognizing bad habits and cutting them out FOR LIFE. There is no temporary fix. It's permanent.

I can give you meal plans and exercises to do for the next two months, but if you don't continue to follow them after you return to school and settle back into your old habits, then all that hard work will have been for nothing because not only will that weight you lost come back, but it'll bring reinforcements because your daily exercise routines will have taught you to eat more to compensate for the extra energy burn.

And if you eat more junk food, then that's more weight that settles on.

Establish your base calorie burn rate, which will depend on your current weight, height, gender, and age, then aim to consume 200-500 calories less than that. Incorporate a good workout routine into your week's activities -- about 3-4 times per week, for 30-40 minutes at a time. Start out slow, but work your way up.

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