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Hello....i was on the 7week hcg diet course. I basically cheated too much on it in the beginning. now I want to re-start the whole process again. I have a new hcg vial but not sure how to re-start properly. How long do you not taking any shots and when to restart with the 2 day gorging??? please help...i want to do this correctly.

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Please consult your physician before starting this diet.

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The best time to start for a female is right after your menstral cycle. For the first 2 days of injections those are your "Load" up days so to speak on all the fat and everything. So u can eat whatever for the first 2 days of shots. After those 2 days then it's back to a strict 500 cals per day.
Hope that helps!

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first a few questions

are you on hcg now? If no how long has it been since you took your last dose?

How many times have you done hcg?

okay first you MUST stop going on and off the diet and cheating - make up your mined you are going to load for 2 days and follow the diet for minimum 21 days of VLCD or do not start.

If you are on hcg now and cheating and have been on 19 days or less you can mix your new vial and start injecting now with no load day. I say this because you have loaded and you have cheated while on hcg - your hypothalmus needs 21 days of vlcd and following the program to "rest" and be ready to reset itself during the next phase of 3 week maintenance. You are not supposed to do more then 40 injection days - you can do 47 if you skip a day of injecting a week - thus decreasing your chance for immunity.

If you have not been injecting hcg and are in between rounds you need to wait a full 6 weeks before starting the next round.

Then you will inject, load for 2 days and again at a min do 21 full VLCD injection days.

Have you read pounds and inches?
This is the manuscript and the "bible" for this diet - please read it for you, it will help you.

Good Luck!


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i am interested in weather you can give me advice about my situation with hcg.
I started March 26 and uploaded the following day as well. March 28 29 30,, I lost weight. March 31, I did not April 1 ,2, 3rd nothing. Followed the diet strictly.
Im dealing with a sinus infection and its a doozy, causing a great deal of a headache, and setting my equilibrium off that on APril 3rd I thought i was going to pass out, so I had some sugar.. in the forms of molasses and peanut butter and a coke. It brought me back, I however did not take my sublingual drops last night or today . I feel much better but in fear of getting back on. I was going to give it another day of being off the hcg and then go back on. Ive adhered to a low caloric diet but have broken a few rules today.. and naturally last night as well.
Help with your suggestion.
I could use it.

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