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I must admit that when I heard about a friend doing the HCG Diet, I was very skeptical. I didn’t see how eating 500 calories was in any way healthy or good for you! Plus no make up... forget it! But then I saw the transformation happening in front of me.

After about a year, my mother, her best friend and my 2 aunts started on the HCG Diet. Again I wasn’t fully convinced... After a few months on injections they had collectively lost nearly 300 pounds! That’s 2 average size adults! I was convinced.

Soon after I decided to try my hand at losing weight, I found out that I was pregnant and my journey to weight loss was going to take a back seat! I gained nearly 50 pounds with my son and couldn’t believe it... I was at my all time high of 225 pounds at 5′8′’. After the birth of my son I dropped to about 200 and slowly made my way back down to about 190. Even with nursing and a healthier diet I couldn’t seem to get past that 190 mark.

Once my son had weaned I knew it was time and didn’t waste one day! I got started on HCG right away. The first week I remember thinking how easy it seemed and that I didn’t understand why people complain. Then week two set in. I knew that watching the scale slowly go down in numbers and the weight melting off wasn’t enough to keep me motivated. I ended up cheating. I thought that I was cheating responsibly by having a subway sandwich. This is until I looked up the nutritional values online of what I had just eaten! Full of sugars and starches... The scale jumped up the next day and I knew then that I had to stay focused and really do this not just for me but for my son.

Ever since my cheat day, I have found a new motivation to stay on plan. There are a million recipes that work with the HCG guidelines and you are only restricted by your imagination! I spend a good amount of time in the kitchen regularly trying new things and if they don’t work out... toss it! The thing that has helped me THE most... PREPARING MY MEALS IN ADVANCE. When I’m hungry and have to cook or find something to eat is when I tend to stray... but if there is something readily available it’s much easier to grab and go. I precook and portion everything into gladware containers at the beginning of the week and I’m good to go!

Sweet tooth anyone?! I would eat ice cream multiple times a week before and obviously can’t do that now! My alternative was keeping strawberries sliced in the fridge ready to eat or having plenty of apples on hand. Slice an apple and add stevia and cinnamon. Heat in the microwave and it’s almost like an apple pie! My creativity is what has saved me on what could have been a mundane diet.

Think you have protein, veggies, fruit and spices. These are the staples to ANY meal...

I have just completed P2 of Round 1 on the HCG injections and have lost 22 pounds (167.2 current weight). I am maintaining thus far on P3 and hope to start Round 2 next month! 17.2 Pounds to my goal and I know I can hang in there!

If you are someone who doesn’t have support or has questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! I have been through many obstacles myself and have gorged myself on knowledge during this journey. Any information that I have learned, I would love to share. I wish you all well on your personal journey to health and a better lifestyle...

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