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A friend told me she like to buy some sugar-free candies to break the monotony and had no issues with stalling or gaining.

Yesterday I bought some sugar free red vines, at just a few and this morning GAINED 1/2 a pound!!! I was livid, but learned my lesson.

Just thought I'd share to warn the masses....

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All non-nutritive sweeteners are not created equally. : )

Most of the sugar alcohols average around half as many calories than sugar (4cal/gram vs 2cal/gram) except erythritol, which is 0.2cal/gram.

Many of the other filers that sugar free candy folk use to bulk up their sweets, like malitol, also have considerable calories.

My suggestion: make flavored meringue cookies with powdered erythritol and liquid sucralose. Chocolate Mint is best, given erythritol's cool taste, but you can use just about any flavor you can get into a meringue without collapsing it.

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You amaze me! Are you a chemist?


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