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Truvia problems

Hmmm - I really liked the taste of the new Truvia but HATE the constant shoulder and neck pain and sleepy feeling. Sporadic heart palpitations and it must have raised my blood pressure as I normally have low pressure but just bending over made my eyes feel like popping out! The rash on my forearms was the first sign of an allergy. It was very itchy and looked like little tiny bumps. I wanted to continue using the truvia because of the taste - but my neck/shoulder have been killing me and I have been sooo sleepy even days after quitting!

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I suppose it means you are allergic to other stevia products too.

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Truvia is only 9/10 of 1% chemically derived stevia extract and masking agent and 99.1% erythritol derived from corn that is 30% GMOs. The odds are you are not having a reaction to stevia.

(I'm employed by Wisdom Natural Brands, the makers of SweetLeaf Stevia)

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Thanks so much for your insight. I too have tiny blister
like bumps on forearms.neck and shoulder pain,shortness of breath, listless etc. Got off Trivia 2 days ago and feel
like a new person. Blood pressure back to normal and bite
bumps beginning to disappear. I'm allergic to Ragweed and
had no idea this was an allergic reaction as someone else
stated to whatever is in this herb. Thanks so much.

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Stevia belongs to the ragweed family. Those with ragweed allergy will most likely have a reaction.

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