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ready to lose weight

I made the mistate of stopping the drops because IREALLY fell off the wagon on vacation, wine, pizza, cake etc. I just figured it was a waste because i read how important it is to follow exactly.

I want to start again, but not sure if I can just start now a few days later..... or if need to wait a certain time frame.

----I was only on for a total of 11 or 12 days. it was my first round. i have only been off for 3 days.


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It takes your body about 3 days to clear out the HCG. This means you can start a new round now. Start it with the 2 load days.

2 years ago#3

Well, this post is ancient, but I'll answer anyway for others: a 3 day binge can be dealt with - you shoudl be able to just start up again (perhaps use a double dose for the next two days) If it's longer than that, though, you should stay off it for 6 weeks before doing the next session.

2 years ago#4

If I'm restarting again after being off of HCG for 4 days after day 14 VLCD, how long should my next round be? Do I begin counting from the 14 or start all over again? Also TOM will arrive soon so should I wait until after that to start up again? ANY help will be appreciated!

From what I've researched it seems that there is no need to do the loading days again if It's been less than a week.

2 years ago#5

Yeesh - you're kinda pushing it.

Since your HCG will be bad soon enough (it doesn't last long once mixed) I'd say get back on the diet today and hope for the best. Finish out your 40 days, but I'd be surprised if you did more than 30 lbs or so.

Expect some nasty hunger cravings. I deal with them with home-made, extra-sweet soda, which gives the taste without the calories, but that's just me. (ie: CO2 carbonation rig for 2liter bottles, 1packet koolaid unsweetened fruit flavor packets, 60g erythritol and 45mg sucralose. Water to mix)

I assume TOM means menstruation? Sorry - waaay outside my experience. : ) I tended to skip over those parts, when reading the protocol . . .

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