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I did hcg round one phases 1 & 2 and cheated the whole entire time here and there. my last injection was a week ago, can i start another round? what are the effects if I dont wait?

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Guest, please take care when using hcg. It is always better to diet under doctor's supervision.

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If this is your first you have to wait 6 weeks from your last injection to start another round. Your body builds up immunity and the hcg becomes less effective. Then after the second round you have a space of 8 weeks and so on. For me each time I have done it, it has been less effective and I have waited the full recommended time. But still it is a great appetite suppressant. I have been eating more than the recommended 500 calories this entire session and have had just as good a weight loss as the last time I did the protocol one year ago following the protocol exactly. JUST DON'T PANIC!

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