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I was doing fertility and in order to ovulate I used the HCG drops for five days. I have been off the drops for 14 days and I have taken 4 pregnancy tests all with a positive reading. My concern is that I am getting a false positive. I was wondering how long the homeopathic HCG drops last in your system? And if I could possibly not be pregnant? I also feel that I must say that I gave birth to a full term stillborn baby in October. Could that also effect this ... help please. I really need/want this baby.

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The homeopathic are not supposed to affect the pregnancy test. Even if you were using the regular HCG it is supposed to to be out of your system after about 3 days.
I think that if you are still not sure you should visit your doctor. He/she will know best.

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See your doctor as soon as possible. The HCG should not give you a positive urine pregnancy test. It rarely will read positive if the drops were directly placed on the test itself.

I truly hope congratulations will be in order.

Blessings and Love to you,
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