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I am on day 2 of the vlcd on the hcg diet, I have body aches and chills, but otherwise feel fine. Is this normal, or why am I getting this?

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I have been on it for two weeks and down 14lbs! During this last week I also have had chills and body aches, kinda feels like the flu but no other symptoms. I am a nurse and find its worse when I am working, probably because I am on my feet for 12 hours. I find that hot baths and Advil has helped. Hopefully this subsides soon!!

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Im getting chills real bad today as well...no answers I see. If I had to guess...I think blood sugar has something to do with it. I know I am always borderline anemic and believe years ago I was told this sometimes happens to those who border on this. Im at work and its difficult to finish my day shivering with the sun out. I have my little heater on but it doesnt really help them go away...

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When I first started the HCG protocol I ached so much it hurt. I talked to my doctor and she said it could possibly be my body ridding itself of toxins that I had carried around for such a long time. She suggested I take a soaking bath as hot as I could stand in Epsom salts. She said to add Lavendar drops to calm the psyche and to relax in the bath for about 30 minutes.

I followed her instruction a couple of times a day for two or three days and each time I felt much better. After about three days I ached less and less and then the aches and pains disappeared for the remainder of the Phase 2 protocol.

I am on my fourth round of HCG and in the second, third and fourth rounds I had to do the Epsom salts baths for the first few days. I believe she said the Epsom Salts had magnesium in it and that's why it helped. Just don't quote me for that fact - I just seem to remember that as part of our conversation on the aches and pains.

Hope this helps you. Now if someone would just help me with hair loss I'd be in terrific shape.

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