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Do most people keep the weight off after the Hcg diet?

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The statistics I have heard is 60-70 percent do keep the weight off.

BUT if you dont have a plan and some changes you are willing to make to your eating and fitness habits, YOU WILL PUT THE WEIGHT BACK ON. I cant stess enough that if you dont change the habits that got you to the weight you are today, if you dont make some mental changes and have a plan on how you will take care of the new you, you will gain it back.

I have taken close to 60 pounds off. When I got off my last round I didnt stick to the changes I had committed to. After about a month of going back to my old habits the pounds started creeping on. As soon as I began watching my portion size and exercising the pounds came back off. Its as simple as that.

Hope my story helps you


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