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Is it possible to lose 10kg in one month if at high risk for diabetes? by CoachScott
Is it possible to lose 10kg in one month if a person is at high risk for diabetes? A quick answer to the question is YES. It IS possible but not recommended without the proper medical supervision and nutritional support. 5-7kg (at most) is much ...
Could you handle a 500 calorie diet? by Estie
Credit for this post goes to Estie. NO 500 calorie diet is sustainable on its own. If you are considering going on the HcG Protocol, I'd like to direct you to that specific category of Diet Board. There, you will find so much information and so ...
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I am beyond grateful for finding this forum ... I have had a rash on my right hand and now under my toe for months! Went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with a form of eczema... Many ...
by Beri - 1 day ago
How long do I have to wait to start all over on my drops. I **** up really bad. This is my second day I haven't taken my drops.
by Joyce - 3 days ago
Hi Misty: I have totally messed up with my HCG Drops. I lost 15 pounds and gained 6 back eating wrong. This is my second round. I want to continue the drops. What should I do? I am so ...
by Joyce - 4 days ago
Hi, I started my HCG injections 6 days ago (loading days). Lost 2 pounds after days 1 and 2. Day 3 - no movement. Day 4 UP a pound! Today, I'm REALLY pushing the water to hopefully get me ...
by Guest - 1 week ago
I purchased this ojc natural cleanse with stevia, made me so sick to the stomach, so I tried it 2 more times and the stevia was making me very sick-contacted the company about it and told ...
by Guest - 1 week ago
Yeah, based off your picture sugarbear? I don't take weight loss advice from a fat person. Nothing seems to be working for you. :thumb-up:
by Joy - 1 week ago
hi CC24, please write back with your test results! and let us all know how you are feeling once you've gotten Stevia out of your system :thumb-up:
by YellowBird - 1 week ago
Can you have a 18 yr traditional balsamic vinegar on the HCG diet?
by Guest - 1 week ago
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