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Is it possible to lose 10kg in one month if at high risk for diabetes? by CoachScott
Is it possible to lose 10kg in one month if a person is at high risk for diabetes? A quick answer to the question is YES. It IS possible but not recommended without the proper medical supervision and nutritional support. 5-7kg (at most) is much ...
Could you handle a 500 calorie diet? by Estie
Credit for this post goes to Estie. NO 500 calorie diet is sustainable on its own. If you are considering going on the HcG Protocol, I'd like to direct you to that specific category of Diet Board. There, you will find so much information and so ...

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by admin - 13 hours ago
If I'm constipated will I gain weight on hcg diet..I started good for 2 weeks now I am gaining why?
by Guest - 1 day ago
I have a ear infection, again, and have been using 3 drops of Mullein Garlic Oil in my ear a few times a day. I am on day 10 of p2 but have stalled 2 days and gained on third day. Could ...
by Mimi - 3 days ago
Hang in there !!! Just go right back on it! The weight will come back off!!!
by Josie - 3 days ago
I didnt loose weight this morning I am on day day 6 of VLCD and have lost 11lbs..I didnt cheat...maybe a little more milk in coffee should i worry?
by Guest - 4 days ago
I don't have a thyroid and I have hypothyroidism, would the Hcg drops work for me?
by Guest - 6 days ago
Hello! I have a question! I am 8 days into taking hcg injections and started my period! It's terrible.. I am craving chocolate real bad. What do I do???
by Hcg - 1 week ago
The 200 grams refers to the weight of the protein and not the amount of protein. For example 100 gms of chicken breast contains about 30 grams of protein that equates to 120 calories. ...
by ifeelfine - 1 week ago
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